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Do you want to stop running around like your hair's on fire and take your home or classroom, and your kids or students, from chaos to calm?

Are your sweet kid's outbursts blowing the roof off? Are you left feeling gobsmacked wondering what freight train just ran you over?

If you are unsure how to help, but desperately want to create a happy environment where your kids listen, emotions are under control (theirs and yours), everyone is sleeping, transitioning, and your family environment is fun and loving then grab the Complete Calm Confident Kids System which has nearly ALL our kid's printables in ONE place for a fraction of the price!


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Discover this magical digital library of resources to help master emotions, routines, and connections. Snap up our brand new Calm Confident Kids Bundle: Complete with our best-selling Anxiety Kit for Kids, Anger Management Rescue Kit, Calm Down Corner Bundle, Routine, Chore & Responsibility Charts, Family Conversation Cards, Gratitude Worksheets and Journals, Mindfulness Exercises, Lunch Box Notes, and SO much more...

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Emotional regulation is a skill, so let's teach it...

For a limited time, get lifetime access to the Complete Calm Confident Kids Toolbox (a $115 value!)

  • Includes all sets of our premium charts: The routine chart, premium chore chart, responsibility chart, and over 40 routine and chore cards (a $20 value)
  • Includes our best-selling Anxiety Kit for Kids, Anger Rescue Kit, and Giant Calm Down Bundle (a $33 value)
  • Also includes our wildly popular gratitude bundle and mindful moments bundle: 60+ pages of gratitude and mindfulness exercises, worksheets, and journals, designed to raise happy kids (a $13 value)
  • Also included is our brand new Family Conversation Cards, 120 cards designed to increase confidence self-esteem and help you really connect with your kids (a $6 value)
  • Lunch box notes, Home Meal Planning Bundle, Gratitude Bingo, and more! (an $17 value)

(70% savings)


"I've been having major power struggles with my 4 and 6-year-old! This bundle is helping us get on track and stay on top of things. My kids are listening and having fun too! So happy I decided to make this purchase"




  • Easily avoid power struggles and actually get out to school or work on time (without a meltdown or battle).
  • Actually feel excited and happy when you wake up because you won't be chasing your unfocused kids around the house like your hair's on fire.
  • Have a concrete plan of action when moving from one necessary task to the next, and yes, without all the backtalk.
  • Feel that pit in the weight of your stomach lighten when you see your child's eyes light up because they finally feel understood and have a safe place to process those scary and big emotions.
  • Smile knowing you have a BIG secret tucked in your back pocket when at your next kid's party or school event when your child or student gets upset and starts calm breathing exercises (on their own) the other mom's and teacher's jaws will drop.
  • Stop feeling stressed about how much you are yelling at your kids, and stop worrying about whether you could be doing a better job. Even in stressful moments, you'll feel good about your ability to handle the situation.
  • Get to your kiddo's heart! Connect and discover a parenting plan that works with you, not against you.
  • Spend more time on the things you love, and stop fighting with your spirited little munchkins every.step.of.the.way.
  • Create healthy habits that will help you and help your kids, and not just right now, but for the rest of their lives.
  • Smile knowing you've got a secret weapon in your back pocket anytime you need to create structure, prevent meltdowns, or provide reminders. Create a set of rules (that aren't yours).
  • Get a jump-start on raising calm, mindful, responsible, resilient kids. Enjoy this magical bundle with BIG possibilities.

"My favorite worksheet has to be in the Anger Rescue Kit. My son actually drew a picture of his anger. He named it Mr. Angry Ninja Bully. And now he tells it to go away! My son is communicating better and learning tons of positive strategies to gain control of his emotions. I can't thank Mindfulmazing enough for this complete bundle. We will use these worksheets over and over for years to come"

- LISA S. -

Hey Friends, I'm Tina.


Parenting is hard. Like climbing Mount Everest Hard. And I get it. My son is more spirited than a wild lion cub. Several years ago I was floundering in chaos. My son was out of control and I was too. I felt like I was never going to regain control. I even started dreading waking up to face the same arduous battle again. (And because of this I felt enormous guilt).

Simplifying the day-to-day, helping my son control his BIG emotions, and creating a plan became not just helpful but necessary.

By making a simple plan I reduced power struggles, helped my son learn appropriate coping strategies, reduced my own stress, and now I share my strategies with parents all over the world with astounding results.

Choose the Bundle That Works For You!

We know that everyone has different needs, different children, and different struggles.

That's why we are offering 3 magical bundles for you to choose from.

Bundle 1 is for parents or who want to streamline their home life. Think routines, family connections, charts.

Bundle 2 is focused on teaching kids emotional regulation and helping kids process big and scary emotions. If your child struggles with anxiety, anger, tantrums, or any big emotions, this IS FOR YOU. This popular bundle is used by thousands of teachers and therapists around the world, and you can also use it right in your own home.

Bundle 3 is for those who want it all (and want the biggest discount). Get everything and take advantage of a few special bonuses.

Happy Home Bundle

Get your routines and home life under control with our Happy Home Bundle. This kit is full of connection and fun!

  • Premium Chore Chart ($5 value)
  • Routine Charts ($5 Value)
  • Chore and Routine Cards ($5 value)
  • Responsibility Charts ($4 value)
  • Gratitude Bundle ($8 value)
  • Gratitude Bingo ($2 value)
  • Family Conversation Starters ($6 value)
  • Lunch Box Notes ($5 value)
  • Meal Planning Printables ($4 value)
  • Big Emotions Super Bundle
  • 3-month Guided Worry Journal



Big Emotions Bundle

Overwhelmed kids or students? Get back to the green zone. This is our most popular bundle for teachers and parents. It includes EVERYTHING you need to start teaching emotional regulation.

  • Anger Rescue Kit ($13 value)
  • Anxiety Toolkit ($13 value)
  • Calm Down Corner Giant Bundle ($17 value)
  • Calm Down Cards ($6 value)
  • Mindful Moments ($8 value)
  • Happy Home Rescue Kit
  • 3 month guided Worry Journal


The "I Want It All Bundle" (Plus Bonuses)

If you want it all, and I don't blame you, this is the best value to get everything for one low price. This bundle also includes a few bonuses that aren't in the other bundles.

  • Happy Home Rescue Kit (9 Full Resources)
  • Big Emotions Super Bundle (5 Full Resources)
  • 3-month Guided Worry Journal (120 pages)
  • Mindfulness Beginner's Guide (7 Days to Calm)


"I love, love, love this bundle! It has everything we've needed to get our household on track. I love how everything is there and you can pluck what you need, and also come back and reprint it anytime."

- TAMMY J. -

Everything you need to feel confident and in control, not always in survival mode

Parenting doesn't have to be so hard. Our easy-to-follow charts, worksheets, and resources include step-by-step instructions and practical activities for kids that will make getting a handle on your home more straightforward than you ever thought possible.

Routines 101

Routine Charts for Boys AND Girls

Stop Power Struggles

($5 Value)

Premium Chore Charts

Raise Independent Kids

($5 Value)

Responsibility Charts

Teach kids the value of responsibility

($4 Value)

Chore Cards and Routine Cards

Create Healthy Habits
($5 Value)

Meal Planning Printables

Organize Meal Time
($5 Value)

Gratitude Bingo

Encourage fun family nights with this classic game with a twist
(Value $2)


Anxiety Kit for Kids

70+ pages of anxiety worksheets, activities, and quotes

($13 Value)

Anger Rescue Kit

60+ pages of anger management activities and worksheets

($10 Value)


Gratitude Bundle

Grateful kids are happier kids

($8 Value)

Family Conversation Starters

Connect your family through conversation

($6 Value)

Lunch Box Notes

Brighten up your kiddo's day

($5 Value)


Calm Down Cards

Dandy Distraction is your secret weapon. 40 calm down cards

($6 Value)

Big Calming Bundle

40+ pages of calm down corner posters, breathing boards, feelings charts, and more...

($18 Value)

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness is your superpower. Snag these exercises and worksheets

($5 Value)



Craving a resource that offers a solution to the chaos and anxiety of your busy life and mind?

Designed to breakdown your worries into manageable steps, the pages of this guided journal are filled with prompts, questions, quotes, tips, affirmations, and creative spaces to ensure you cultivate a calmer, confident, and peaceful mindset every day.

$18 $0

*Valued at $18 (Your's free with the "I Want It All Bundle")

"Every year my daughter struggles to start a new grade, try out for sport's teams, and make new friends. My heart breaks. The anxiety kit has REALLY helped us. She's interacting more calmly and confidently with others. The fear ladder, in particular, helped my daughter create an easy plan to make friends at the school lunch table."


What's included with the Complete Calm Confident Kids Bundle

The MM Calm Confident Kids bundle is a digital bundle of resources jam-packed with tools to help you simplify & streamline routines in your house, start teaching emotional regulation and coping strategies, as well as fostering connecting and teaching a growth mindset.

It includes all four of our game-changing home routine charts, our best-selling Gratitude and Mindfulness Bundle, and our brand new connection conversation cards.

The bundle also includes our emotional regulation resources such as the Anxiety and Anger Kits and Giant Calm Down Bundles.

The MM Happy Home Bundle also includes both our magical lunch box notes, as well as our helpful meal planning printables.

From getting your kids on a routine to teaching them a growth mindset to connecting, this insanely valuable digital library is full of actionable tools you can use right away. 

What will I learn?

The MM Happy Home Bundle will help you:

  • Streamline your routines and ease transition troubles
  • Teach kids to express their feelings and create a safe calming space in your home or classroom
  • Teach kids to recognize and express their feelings
  • Help kids develop healthy coping strategies for anxiety and anger
  • Raise mindful, resilient kids
  • Take back control of your household and teach your kids necessary life skills
  • Get dinner on the table faster and easier through better meal planning
  • Teach your kids to be thankful so they can focus on the things that matter most

How soon after purchasing will I receive my bundle?

(Almost) immediately! Your bundle will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It will also be available on the confirmation page directly after you checkout. Hit the button 'access digital content' and it will all be there for you to download. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam or promotions folders, and if you still don't see it, please contact us immediately at tina@mindfulmazing.com.

Is this for me?

The MM Complete Calm Bundle is for anyone who's ready to help their kids process big feelings and create happier home or classroom systems. Whether you want to get your kids under control, ease transition troubles, teach responsibility or whether you just want to connect better with your family or students, this bundle will help you create and execute a clear plan of action.

The charts and worksheets are appropriate for kids ages 3 to 10.

It's a lot of resources - where should I begin?

We know having access to so many resources all at once can be more than a little overwhelming, so we strongly recommend starting with the ONE area you MOST want to improve and focusing there first.  When you make progress in one part of your life, it spills over to the rest! Thus, if you want to focus on helping your kids with transitions and routines, start with the routine charts.

If you want to focus on family connection, start with the Family Conversation Starters.

If you want to help your kids focus on the good, start with the gratitude worksheets.

If you want to help your kids develop appropriate coping strategies when they are angry, use the Anger Rescue Kit or the Calm Down Corner or Calm Down Cards.

After you've mastered one area, move onto another, and over time you can implement all of these amazing life-changing habits.

What can I actually expect in terms of behavior improvements?

Routine charts are proven to help manage meltdowns, transition troubles, and power struggles. Chore charts are proven to help raise independent, connected kids, and raising grateful kids is proven to make kids happier and help them start seeing the good in life. Teaching calm down strategies and using anxiety management worksheets are proven cognitive-behavioral techniques used by professionals. Like any change in habit, you can't expect instant results, but rest assured over time you can expect lessened outbursts, more awareness, more thoughtfulness, and kindness (to name a few). What you can't expect is to completely eliminate tantrums or other unwanted behavior. Be realistic and have fun.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the electronic nature of these resources, we are unable to offer refunds after your purchase is complete.

But we are committed to happy parents. So if you have any other questions, concerns, or comments, you can reach me at tina@mindfulmazing.com

Not Happy?

I'm so passionate about helping families build happy, peaceful homes, and I have so much confidence in this bundle, that I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you. Our site is trusted by 1,000's of parents, teachers, and therapists, is 100% secure and if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me directly at Tina@mindfulmazing.com and we will find a solution together.

"I love that it's all here for me and I don't have to think about what to do or where to get these resources. I know exactly what we are doing next, and exactly what areas we will focus on improving. It's wonderful to have this in my back pocket and it's made me a more confident parent."

- JANET R. -

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"I LOVE Mindfulmazing, and all their products, I'm a teacher and I use their products every year with my students. I'm blown away by this Emotional Regulation Bundle she's created. Now I don't have to buy the products individually. Great price, great bundle, and every you need to be successful in your classroom (or home) management.